Have A Personalized And Memorable Engagement Session



We spoke with Jay Farrell, of Jay Farrell Photography, and he gave us some insight into the increasingly-popular engagement photos. Jay went on to say, “The main reasons couples like engagement photos are because it makes the photos about the couple, not just the bride. Plus they’re fun and interactive, and help get the groom both excited and involved in the wedding planning process.” Capturing these moments between couples provides photos that can be used in a variety of ways.



Farrell advises couples to give their photographer as much information about them as possible to ensure that the location and composition are personalized to your taste. Don’t shy away from simple if that is what your personal style is. You want to look back years from now and and recognize yourselves in the photos. If you’re more avant-garde and extravagant he suggests tying in props that hold significant meaning to how you met, or who you are as a couple. If you’re wanting a themed session, tie it back to either who you are as a couple, or what the theme is for your wedding. When it comes to lighting, he suggests the first or last hour of the day, which provides the most “pleasing” light. Most photographers are prepared for any lighting condition, but you may want to fit those hours into your schedule if time permits it.




Unfortunately we aren’t all artists, and hiring a professional photographer allows us to explore our creative sides without the added pressure of producing high quality compositions on our own. Let your photographer be an active member in the process, and allow them to bring creativity and your personal taste together effortlessly. Finding a photographer who you click with and understands your vision is very important, but above all, “Be natural and love like no one’s watching.”

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