Successful Wedding Planning

Planning the perfect wedding that completely brings your vision to life can sound overwhelming at first, but don’t let it be! This is exactly why the professionals are there for you! Wedding planners are there to help your planning process be as smooth and stress-free as possible! Wedding planners love what they do, and do their very best to make sure their clients have the best wedding day of their lives! To help you future brides hear a perspective from a professional wedding planner, we spoke with wedding planning expert and founder of Vivid Experiences, Angela Proffitt, to gain some insight about successful wedding planning!



At Vivid Experiences, Angela Proffitt and her team make sure to customize each wedding for their clients. Everyone is different, and they understand this! Angela and her team make sure to truly get to know their clients, so they can understand what type of people they are working with. This is so essential in the wedding planning process; your wedding planner must understand your personality and your vision to deliver the experience that you are looking for. This also helps the planner know what type of advice to give each of their clients, such as where and how money should be spent for the wedding!



Vivid Experiences makes sure to keep their clients on track by marking calendars with important dates and tasks, and being there for them every step of the way! It is recommended that your RSVP’s are set at least 30 days in advance. If you are planning a destination wedding, then you might need them even more in advance, such as 45 days. Ordering wedding invitations, sending them out, and getting your RSVP’s is a process that may not be completed as soon as you would think! This is one reason why working with the experts is so important! They are there to keep you as organized and involved as possible!



 Communication is the overall key to successful wedding planning. To communicate as efficiently and effectively as possible, Vivid Experiences decided to go paperless! Sharing ideas becomes much easier this way with documents, quotes, and images being shared between the clients and planner. This helps clients feel much more involved and in control of the planning process. It is essential to share your exact ideas and visions with your wedding planner, so they can bring all of these details together for you just the way you want!




To Angela Proffitt, one of the best parts of the wedding planning process  is seeing her clients have the most incredible wedding day, and making sure that they know they are taken care of by herself and her team! Wedding planners truly want their clients to have the most magical day of their lives!



We hope these wedding planning highlights help you along your journey, and we just know your wedding day will be perfection. Happy planning from Enchanted Brides!






Images by: Joe Hendricks Photography

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