Color Schemes and Styles


 There are several rules to follow when choosing the Nashville or Miami wedding colors of your dreams. First, think about the colors that truly mean the most to you. What made you choose your favorite color? Think back to these special moments and remember why your favorite colors are so important to you. Bring your personality into your wedding with your favorite colors. These colors do not have to be the most popular or top trending. This is your wedding, so make it your own!



Brides don’t have to choose just one or two colors. Go ahead and choose a color scheme with a few colors that coordinate together nicely, and use these colors throughout the decor of the wedding. It is important to consider which colors should be used where throughout your space. Decide which color will be your main focus, and use the rest of your colors throughout your decor. This creates a gorgeous balance of color that will be extremely appealing to the eye! The balance of color can make any space come to life.



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Make sure to keep in mind the colors that are used throughout your venue. You don’t want your wedding colors to clash with the decor that is used in the venue that you choose.





The most important part of deciding your wedding colors is to explain your exact vision to the professionals! They will be able to help you find perfect shades and coordinating textures that work beautifully together. Happy planning, and let your true colors shine! 

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