Spring is in the Air


When a lot of Southern brides begin planning their gorgeous Spring weddings, they usually jump right to pastel color schemes. These light and fun colors are beautiful and are true reminders that Spring is finally here. However, there are other color scheme options for Southern Spring weddings that create a fresh and light mood other than traditional pastels of light yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink. These colors are still light and bright, but are a bit softer and more romantic. Peach, cream, champagne, blush, and sage are all beautiful shades that create romance and freshness in a delicate way. A lot of brides like to add an element of shimmer with silver accents or even rose gold with these romantic and elegant color palettes.

 Purples and blues are also very popular colors for 2015 Spring weddings. These colors add an element of brightness without leaning towards pastel shades if that is not your cup of tea. Many brides are also utilizing both purple and blue elements throughout their weddings. These colors coordinate beautifully and truly brighten up any space in a fun and fresh way that is not too over-the-top.  Go ahead and play around with these color schemes and choose the combinations that you think suits you best! Brides do not have to stick to only one color; go ahead and add extra elements into your wedding to make it more interesting and appealing to the eye whether you choose pastels, soft romance, or the fun purple and blue. I just know your Souther Spring wedding will be a breath of fresh air!










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