Tying the Knot

Today’s Photo Find is all about the #weddingbands! Picking out wedding bands with your fiancee is one of the most romantic and special days of an engaged couple’s life! Wedding bands symbolize eternal love with the person you adore more than anyone else! This romance will be worn on your left finger as a reminder of this love, so of course you future Nashville and Miami Brides want the band to be as special as possible. There are so many options for wedding bands that it can get pretty overwhelming, but you will know when you see the one that matches your style perfectly.

Some creative Brides are choosing to stack wedding bands, and to get another one each year of their marriage! This truly re-sparks the romance year after year, and looks adorable! I think custom engraved wedding bands are especially precious. The bride and groom can engrave any writing they wish inside of their bands, such as their names, the date of their wedding, initials, anything they want! This adds a personalized touch to the wedding bands to add another special, cherished touch. A wedding band can be a simple gold, rose gold, or silver, or could be diamond-engraved for an extra pop of sparkle. Follow your heart, and choose the type of band that you know fits your personality the best! How gorgeous are these wedding bands below, especially next to the spouse’s bands?


weddingband5 - perrywinklesfinejewelry


weddingband3 - mirlo_newyork


weddingband1 - lisaarmstrong


weddingband2 - mondi.nyc


weddingband4 - danawaldenjewelry


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