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deliciouscaterer7(foodbarfun)Planning the perfect dinner to serve your guests at your Miami wedding is very exciting, but can also be tricky. Your guests may have different preferences when it comes to dinner. A fun option that we are seeing more and more is replacing a traditional wedding dinner with fun food bars! The options are endless here, and you could even have different themed stations. This way, your guests are sure to be pleased by your delicious dinner options. We spoke with Chef Chris from Delicious Catering Services in Miami, and he shared the food station trends he has seen lately for Miami weddings! Chef Chris mentions unique and exciting food bars containing fresh, organic ingredients, such as Korean barbeque bars and lobster macaroni and cheese bars! Chef Chris also sees a lot of fusion foods being served at food stations. Fusion food stations can include as many different ethnic styles as you like! A few of the hottest fusion styles this year are Indian, Japanese, and Italian! Miami brides, how does a delicious sushi bar prepared by Delicious Catering sound?

linelongChef Chris sees lots of food stations at destination weddings as well as traditional weddings. These stations can be utilized anywhere with your favorite foods! Of course, these stations don’t end with your hearty dishes. Dessert bars are very common in modern weddings as well! Cupcake bars, s’mores bars, ice cream or frozen yogurts bars, and hot chocolate bars are just a few ideas! Some creative brides even choose to display dessert bars instead of serving a traditional wedding cake.

Another exciting dinner style that Chef Chris mentions is the traditional Brazilian Rodizio style! Waiters carry giant swords full of meats to serve you and your guests! But don’t expect to be served until your chip is flipped over from the red to the green side to show waiters that you are ready for your meal!Turn your rehearsal and wedding dinners into pure excitement with these incredible ideas from Chef Chris. For more inspiration from Delicious Catering Services, check out their sample menus and these mouth-watering photos!




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