Fun and Fruity Signature Cocktails

One of the most fun preparations for your wedding is choosing what kind of drinks you will serve your guests at the reception. Many couples are drawn towards wine or beer at the bar, but if you wish to serve a little something extra, a great idea is to serve a signature cocktail! Jesse Goldstein of The Food Sheriff gives perfect cocktail ideas for future newlyweds that can be easy on the budget!

A fruity Sangria can suit your preferences while being made with white or red wine, your favorite fruits, and some seltzer! Sangria is one of the most affordable options that Jesse mentions, and has a lower alcohol content than many other cocktails, so your party can last late into the night!

A great option for a summer Nashville Wedding or Miami Wedding is a delicious lemonade cocktail made with St. Germain and Prairie Organic Gin. Plus, your favorite fruits could be added to the lemonade, like strawberries or peaches, to truly create your own signature cocktail!

It doesn’t get much more Southern than drinking sweet tea at a charming, Southern wedding, so why not create your own cocktail with American Born Sweet Tea Moonshine and seltzer with some fresh lemon juice? To crank up the Southern charm, this signature drink can be served in mini mason jars with a fruit garnish!

Champagne cannot go unnoticed when planning weddings. Because champagne can get expensive, create your own Champagne Cocktail with seltzer and Aperol liquer!

For the couple who wants to get a little more creative with their drinks, go ahead and serve a “his” and “hers” cocktail option! Jesse mentions the Dark and Stormy cocktail with ginger beer, dark rum, and lime juice for a “his” option, and a flirty Something Blue with wedding cake vodka, seltzer, and lemon juice for the ladies! Each of these options are sure to please you and your guests!

Don’t forget to pick up the latest issue of Enchanted Brides on newsstands now to read more on Wedding Cocktails by Jesse Goldstein of The Food Sheriff.





Don’t forget to pick up the latest issue of Enchanted Brides Magazine on newsstands now to read more on wedding cocktails by Jesse Goldstein of The Food Sheriff.

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