Styling the Mother

There are few dresses that make an impact on the rest of your life. What you wore when you met your now husband, your wedding gown, the little black dress that always makes you feel your best. However, there’s another important dress in many women’s lives, and that is the Mother of the Bride or Groom! In today’s world, many mother’s of brides and grooms are vital career women, accomplished mothers, and too young to even think about retiring. Looking for both a stylish dress and a dress that is age-appropriate can suddenly become stressful. Most mothers run into something that looks too much like prom, too much like an evening gown, too much like something their own mother would wear. Karen Hendrix, custom designer of Karen Hendrix Couture, realized this problem in today’s wedding world.

“We had no idea how frustrating it was for mother’s of the brides in their endless search for an age-appropriate gown. With our custom design options available to them, they are able to pick a style that best suits their figure in just the right fabric and color custom cut for a perfect fit!”

Karen can make the perfect gown utilizing the shapes, fabrics, and colors that best fit your style, not the style of “all mothers”. Stop the endless search and put away the car keys to go out and find the dress-Karen is the perfect solution!

Want to read more about how Karen styles Moms of Brides and Grooms and how she came up with the above styles? Pick up the latest issue of Enchanted Brides Middle Tennessee!


Karen Hendrix Couture is located at 2021 21st Avenue South in Hillsboro Village
To call to set-up an appointment, dial 800.583.3530

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