Aloha Paradise

With half of the country in a deep freeze, I think many of us are feeling the chill of Winter. That is why today’s Photo Find brings us #HawaiiWeddings! I think all of us can bask in the warmth that these couple of wedding day photos in Hawaii can bring us. From tropical flowers to the turquoise blue waters to the green mountains- its paradise! Hawaii is the perfect location for a destination wedding, weddingmoon, honeymoon, vow renewal- basically everything romantic you can think of. Sign me up!

Stay warm Brides!



One of my favorite things about Hawaii are the colors it exudes. The perfect shades of blue, green, and white offer up a glorious canvas to all of the tropical plants and flowers. You don’t need much with such natural beauty around you!





If you are considering getting married in Hawaii, remember simplicity is key. You have such a beautiful backdrop that all you really need are elements to enhance that. Use local flowers for your bouquet and other seaside details like the coral by the archway. How gorgeous!

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