A Sparkly New Year’s Eve

If you have been pondering over your wedding date trying to decide when is best, consider New Year’s Eve! It’s such a fun date to celebrate both your wedding and the new year ahead of you, the perfect start to your new life as husband and wife. And of course, there are various different style aspects and design concepts that would be perfect for the combination of wedding and celebration! Here are five of my favorite:

1. Sparklers!

While the rest of the world is celebrating with fireworks, let your wedding be filled with a little extra spark. Sparklers are a cute and creative way to bring the holiday to your wedding. Use it at the countdown to midnight or the countdown to your departure- whichever way you use it, it is sure to bring that celebration!


2. Champagne!

Is New Year’s Eve complete without champagne? No! Use mini champagne or prosecco as a cute escort card for guests that serve two purposes: directs them to their table and kicks the party off just right!


3. Confetti Poppers

Confetti is a fun way to celebrate all the love you and your husband share, and to ring in the new year! This is another great option for your farewell, or to kick off the party! You can find poppers in your wedding colors or choose to go more “NYE” and get some with sparkly gold and black!


4. Festive Tablescape

You can incorporate some NYE themed items in your tablescape that keep things festive but still very classic. I love how this tablescape has a classic floral piece but is then mixed with fun gold and black details. And those drinks stirrers are adorable!


5. Sparkle 

If there’s anytime to rock a sparkly, sequined, glitter dress, it is a New Year’s Eve celebration. If you love the glamour of one of these types of gowns, you’d make the perfect NYE Bride! I absolutely adore this dress. Simply stunning and sophisticated, with just the right touch of fun.


Have a fabulous New Year’s Eve Brides!


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