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IMG_8359 When the vows have been exchanged, the cake has been cut, and the toast has been cheered, your wedding has come to an end. However, there’s a solution to having your wedding last forever. That solution is the incredibly talented lady behind Nashville’s Paint Your EventHeidi Schwartz can create a memorable interpretive live event painting that captures your event in a way photography cannot match. Her paintings capture the event’s atmosphere with an incredible use of color and brush stokes all unique to Heidi. No painting looks alike; therefore, creating a truly unique piece of art to commemorate your wedding day.

Heidi Schwartz moved to Nashville like many others do, to pursue music. When she created an album, every song had a painting that accompanied it. She then gave her album to the Entertainment Manager at Opryland Hotel for an opportunity to sing on the showboat. He saw the paintings and asked her to paint live at a dinner, and as they say, the rest was history!

When I asked Heidi what her favorite part of painting an event was, she said, “I love to catch moments and represent them in an interesting creative symbol to incorporate into the painting. It’s really fun for me to discover little details or moments and slip them into the piece to make it a true, unique memento of the event. I seriously get a kick out of figuring out what is the interesting unexpected thing of the event that you can’t plan for and can only get from being present at the event and paying close attention. That’s the fun alive part of Live Event Painting.”

Of course, Live Event Painting can be a bit stressful. Heidi has to capture the moments as they are happening right in front of her. But Heidi says she thrives on that pressure and says it’s a sort of Zen because it forces her to live in the moment, something in this day and age we all struggle with.


When it comes to picking favorites, Heidi says that’s hard because the fun thing about her job, it is always evolving and changing! So normally, it is the most recent event that sticks with her.

 “Last week I had the honor of painting an art exhibition opening in Chicago that Picasso’s grandson curated. It was a collection of photographs of Picasso, Dali and other great modern artists at work in their studios. It was fun to capture the event and add some loose interpretation of a few pieces in the exhibit to the painting.”

Heidi Schwartz


When I asked Heidi what she would be doing if she wasn’t painting, her perfect response?

“Something project ordinated where I could use my creativity and do lots of brainstorming. Maybe I would be a good addition to Mad Men? Haha!”




With Christmas just around the corner, we asked Heidi what her favorite holiday treat is.

“I’m a fan of anything with SUGAR. I love cookies, cake, ice cream, seriously… I love it all !!!”




“It’s my goal as an artist to create a personal, unique painting that really describes your day in a way nothing else can. I love that I get the honor to create this original piece of art that hangs on the wall that my client can truly feel connected to and enjoy for years to come!”

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Interested in having Heidi paint your event? Heidi travels throughout the country and is available for weddings, social events, and corporate events! Contact Heidi via her website at or email Heidi at

Her prices range from $3500 to $5000.



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