Bo & Luca

boandlocalogo We love hearing about different designers in the wedding world and this one has me really excited. Introducing Bo & Luca. 

Bo & Luca is a luxury bridal wear and accessories company that was founded in Australia in 2012 for the daring romantic. The designs came about through a creative process without rules and a mission to appeal to a global audience with endless enthusiasm for chic quintessential style. My favorite part of this brand is their overall feeling of free-spiritedness that seems like a breath of fresh air in today’s bridal industry. Bo & Luca is known for their flowing silk crepes and georgettes, layers upon layers of soft tulle, hand cut petals and delicately hand embroidered embellishments ranging from beads to pearls.

Bo & Luca knows the importance in designing the most important garment of your life. They design each garment with the thought of it lasting through history in both your life and the life of your loved ones. I cannot get over all this romance! Check out Bo & Luca’s website for more delicious gowns!


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