Shazia and Imran


When a wedding like this shows up in our inbox, we have to share. This beautiful South Asian wedding between Shazia and Imran is so full of color, family, celebration and love that it reminds us what getting married is all about. Shot by the incredibly talented Jay Farrell of Jay Farrell Photography, this South Asian Wedding came to life with the help of the team at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs. So how did this beautifully crafted celebration come to be?

Shazia and Imran met while studying at Vanderbilt University. Shazia’s family is Pakistani while Imran’s family is from Bangledesh so when planning their wedding, they knew they wanted to incorporate both traditions. Traditionally, South Asian weddings extend for three days and involve upwards to 500 people at one point in the celebration. The emphasis really is on family and connecting families together. With appetizers, dinner, and Maghrib prayers each night, Shazia and Imran’s wedding celebration was one for the books.

Day One

Day One involved the “pre-ceremony” celebrations which included food and prayer. There is a “swearing in” ceremony where the families exchange personal stories of bride and groom from their childhood and begin the act of connecting them as husband and wife. This day is light and fun in mood with plenty of entertainment. The Bhangradores of Vanderbilt dance team came out to perform. How cool!

One of my favorite elements of a South Asian Wedding is their colorful traditional dress. I mean, does Shazia just exude beauty? Gorgeous!


Here is a photo of the family “negotiating” and below are the incredibly talented Bhangradores!


Day Two

Day Two involves the actual wedding ceremony and the event most guests attend. With four connected ballrooms, around 500 people watched as Shazia and Imran became husband and wife. This day is really all about family and the ceremony reflects that. Afterwards, everyone celebrated with traditional Indian food created by Franklin Marriott Cool Springs’ chef- who is originally from India! So you know that had to be delicious!


Day Three

Day Three brings a light, fun, and more casual celebration of the couple’s vows to each other. Imran even changed into a suit! With food and dancing galore, the party got started. I love the couple’s use of gold, fuchsia and purple! Very beautiful and representative of their native cultures.


What a lovely wedding and we wish Shazia and Imran all the happiness in the world!

More Photos of The Bride and Groom’s Happy Day Below!
Photography || Jay Farrell Photography
Catering & Decor || Franklin Marriott Cool Springs
Cake || Publix 

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