Molto Bene!

Fun fact: Venice isn’t just for George and Amal! Many couples from around the world flock to Venice to say “I Do” not only because of its beautiful architecture, incredible waterways, or timeless art… but because it might possibly be the most romantic city in the world. Around every cobblestone turn is another quiet street begging for a kiss. I absolutely love these #VeniceWeddings I found all across Instagram. Automatic swooning begin.

Happy Friday!



Venice provides the perfect backdrop for those photos of you and your hubby. With century old buildings and cobblestone walkways, all that you need is a kiss between the buildings to capture the romance that exudes in the streets.


I mean, these white columns? How amazing? Anywhere you go in Venice, whether on foot or by boat, you will be able to capture some one of a kind photos with your hubby.




When getting married in Venice, every detail automatically becomes luscious and glamourous. Inside, this reception looks fit for a queen. I love the couple’s use of lace fans to provide guests with at the ceremony. And the couple on these grand stairs looks beyond in love. Would you ever consider getting married in Venice? These photos convinced me!


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