Christina and Gary

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Gary & Christina tied the knot July 13, 2014 on the beautiful sandy beaches of Key West. Both natives of New York, the couple knew they had to have their wedding in a place they traveled to every year, and also where Gary proposed. The white sand, turquoise water, and warm sun were the perfect combination for this Northern couple for their big day.

The story of how Gary and Christina met is priceless. Both avid fans of Football, their friend made sure both would be in attendance for the Giants/Eagles game at a local pub. While both couple’s versions of the story vary, no one could deny that something in Gary’s gut told him he had to see Christina again. After a plate of buffalo wings and strategies to get each other’s attention, the couple paid more attention to each other’s conversation than the exciting football match. When Christina said goodbye, Gary didn’t seem to hear. When he turned around and saw her gone, he immediately chased after her and asked for her number. As they say, the rest was history.


When it came time to propose, all Gary had hinted at was the year 2013. Christina thought that meant the exact moment that 2013 rang in. Gary had another idea in mind- their annual fishing trip to Key West in the Marquesas Keys! In Christina’s words,

 “I didn’t think at first when Kyle and Gary looked like they were doing the Navy Seals hand signals or Kyle trying to get me to the front of the boat to take pictures or Gary doing his classic nervous pacing and smoothing of the hair ritual. Finally, after I begrudgingly put the fishing pole down and made my way to the front of the boat to take this picture, Gary got down on one knee, said some things that I can’t remember since I was in such shock! But somewhere in the midst of me saying “oh my God” a thousand times to myself, he asked me to marry him. Nevermind that we had been fishing for 8+ hours in the sweltering heat or the fact that I smelt like barricuda, we were in our happy place. In retrospect, it now makes sense why he was acting so funny and possessive with his bookbag during the entire trip and why he had a nervous breakdown 2 days before when his facial hair was not properly groomed! At the end of the day, on July 22, 2013, Gary made me the happiest & luckiest girl ever!”

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About a year later, surrounded by friends and family and the most beautiful colors of the Keys, Christina and Gary exchanged vows. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

More Photos of The Bride and Groom’s Happy Day Below!
Photography by Transier Photography
Flowers || Milan Event
Hair & Makeup || Casa Salon
Cake || Key West Cakes 
Steel Drums || Courtney Henry

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