Timing is Everything!


All of the vendors have been picked, all the details have been chosen, and your big day is finally upon you…hooray! But did you remember to make a schedule for the entire day? Do people know when to be somewhere? Because when it comes to your wedding day, timing is everything! That is why I always suggest working with a Wedding Planner or Event Coordinator when planning your wedding to assure you are timing everything (from ceremony to reception) in a way that makes sense.

A lot of times couples don’t think about the time between your ceremony and cocktail hours and it can leave a very bad taste in your guests’ mouths. If you are getting married at 1 but your reception isn’t until 5, what do you expect your guests to do in this time? If you have such a large block of time between certain events on your wedding day, I suggest planning an extra activity for those guests who either do not want to go home in between or for those out of town guests who don’t have anywhere to go in between. Perhaps set up a lunch at a hotel where out of town guests are staying or provide a fun activity like corn hole outside the reception space. Whatever you decide, remember that your guests are coming to celebrate you and you want to make sure they have a good time doing so!


When it is finally time for your cocktail hour, please make sure you are providing food and drink. Trust me, you are going to have guests who are going to be hungry and may get quite cranky if they do not get something to eat. Again, this is where a Wedding Coordinator or Planner comes in handy because they will make sure that your event moves seamlessly and that there is no lull in your big day to assure that both you and your guests have the perfect day!


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