Kissing Away a Rainy Day

Happy Friday Brides! Photo Find Day! This week has been a rainy one for many of us across the country; therefore, I thought we could have a #rainywedding! Many find rain to be the absolute worst thing that could happen on your wedding day. Think again! Rain not only brings luck, but it can create some amazingly romantic and creative photos! Using rain boots, umbrellas, and the like, rain provides a very romantic background. Think back to your favorite romantic movies…there almost always involves a kiss in the rain! So although sunshine may be ideal for your big day, relax in the fact that your love will shine no matter what the weather. Happy Weekend!



RainyDay4 copy@kellieblinco

If it does decide to rain on your wedding day, I love the use of the clear umbrella. This way, you can capture that kiss without having to hide yourselves under a big umbrella! And then of course I love this bride’s use of hot pink rain boots. One might as well make the day fun with splashes of fun details- love that she had her bridesmaids wear some as well! You can choose whatever color boots to match the rest of your wedding day design.

RainyDay3 copy@markandkaraphotography


RainyDay6 copy@evatokarchuk

Cue the kiss! These photos show the creativity and beauty a photographer can capture when it’s raining. I love how raw and organic each of these shots are and incorporating fun umbrellas or just letting nature take its course and getting wet! Always remember that the important thing is you are there that day to get married and celebrate with family and friends. As long as you say “I Do” and the ones you love are around you, does anything else matter? Enjoy every second. Even if it is wet.


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