Why Hire a Planner?

When it comes time to begin the planning process, one of the first questions you should ask yourself is, do I want to invest in a wedding planner? Let me answer that for you… YES. My experience in both attending weddings and being a planner have come to the conclusion that this is not only a necessary investment, but an absolutely life-saving one. I’m not going to lie to you when I say something in your wedding will go wrong- it always does. It might not be major, but having a planner on site can assure your day is still spent happy and celebrating rather than stressing and panicking.

Angela Profitt

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By hiring a planner (whether you have one for the entire planning process, month before, or day-of), you are allowing yourself the ability to enjoy your day knowing a professional is taking care of everything you worked hard planning. Who else is going to cue the musicians to begin Canon in D? Who is going to run out to the store to buy ice if the caterer runs out? Did you contract your vendors for the right amount of time and money? Does everyone know where to be and when? All of these questions are just a few your planner not only knows to find the answer to, but executes it seamlessly.

Wedding planners are not just there to make sure your timeline goes through smoothly, but they are there to communicate with all vendors involved. Instead of having to talk to one vendor and then run over to talk to another, your planner has already met with all vendors and communicated the needs of you and your groom. The planner does not just make this day easier for you, but for your vendors too!

JCG Events

JCG Events

Planners are there to help you. Their job is to bring your vision to life, all without a bump in the road (at least to your knowledge!) They are worth every penny you choose to invest. When it comes to your budget, they can actually end up saving you money when it comes to their connections with vendors and knowledge on budgeting. You invest in quality photos from a photographer and delicious food for your guests, so why not invest in someone who will make it a night never to forget?


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