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Sometimes, it is fun to shake up things at your wedding whether in Nashville or Miami. Whichever way you choose to do so, the limits are endless (if you have an amazing planner that is!) One of my favorite new ways to shake things up is a “Milkshake Bar” ! As a big fan of ice cream myself, I absolutely love this idea to present to your guests. Although creating your own is a possibility, I suggest having your caterer handle the scooping. This way, you can avoid any mess or confusion when it comes time to serve ’em up. Karen Freeze of Two Fat Men Catering answered a few of my pressing questions about what it takes to make this milkshake dream turn into a reality…



Of course, executing a milkshake bar in the heat of summer is no easy task, especially when many brides and grooms choose to host their nuptials outside. Therefore, when asked about the best way to serve them, Karen recommends having the milkshakes passed by servers as a late night snack. If chosen to pass, brides and grooms can select pre made milkshake flavors. Karen loves the idea for them to choose a favorite flavor or choose a flavor that is the color of their wedding (for example: peach, pistachio, or strawberry). Wondering what this runs? Mini milkshakes cost $3.00/person.


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Now say you don’t want them passed but would rather have a whole area dedicated to your milkshakes. It is still very important to have a wedding professional, like a chef, attend the station. Two Fat Men’s chef and owner, Ed Riley, has attended Penn State’s Department of Food Service Ice Cream Course this past January. For you ice cream connoisseurs, that’s the class that is attended by chefs all around the world with a waiting list of over 2 years! With this experience, Two Fat Men can create any flavor your heart desires. Some of the most popular flavors are salted caramel, Cinnabon coffee, Vanilla and Chocolate.

Once the flavor has been picked, brides and grooms can select their choice of glass and straw- those striped straws are all the rage at weddings today! Guests can go through the line and select two flavors of ice cream and then top off their milkshake with whip cream and a cherry. Does it get any better than that? Pricing for a milkshake bar is according to number of guests and the ice cream flavors selected.



I love this idea for a wedding reception, especially in the summer months. But those of us who love ice cream know that ice cream has no season.

Sip up lovelies!

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