Dress to the Nines

Fashion isn’t just for the ladies anymore.

As wedding season begins to really heat up, it is time to offer up a little something for the men to enjoy. When deciding what to wear on the wedding day, the groom has a decision to make as well. Although the choices seem less overwhelming, the details are still every bit as important. Whether choosing the most traditional tuxedo or finding something unique for your big day, choose something that works best in representing you.

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Although the wedding gown tends to be the “belle of the ball”, oftentimes we overlook the other important aspect of the wedding day… the tuxedo! Many people feel like shopping for a tuxedo is easy as one-two-three and many times it can be; however, when problems arise or decisions are hard to make, the best people to go to are the guys who run the joint. Here in Nashville, we are lucky enough to have one of the most incredible wedding resources you will find south of the Mason-Dixon:

Street Tuxedo.

Owned and operated by Mark and his son John, Street Tuxedo offers not only the best tuxedos, but the best customer service as well. Street Tuxedo is family owned and operated, so they really care about the result of your wedding day or event. The owners and store managers are working directly with companies throughout the United States as “buyers” to ensure they provide the latest styles in the market for their customers. They really listen to what people want and will do everything to make those desires come to life.

“We love what we do. We are always excited and honored to be a part of your big day!”

Part of that job is being able to offer up the newest and best quality suits for all shapes and sizes. Currently, slim-fit is the most popular tuxedo trend and at Street Tuxedo, you can get it in a variety of colors from classic black to casual grey. They have a variety of different options to mix things up for both the groom and the groomsmen.

Street Tuxedo caters to what you want for your big day, whether that is a classic black suit with a cummerbund or a more on-trend suit like the slate one they just got in. Street Tuxedo offers a concierge service to make your day as stress-free as possible. Everyone in the wedding business knows, the less stress for the bride & groom, the better! The concierge includes pick-up and delivery of all tuxedos, on-site alterations, on-site steaming, last minute tweaking, as well as tying the bow tie before you walk down the aisle. It is first class customer service, but also a peace of mind on your day. Having someone there to solve any problems that might arise is something to really appreciate. This luxury could not exist without the locality. Because their warehouse is located in the heart of Nashville, if any problem arises, they can solve it in a timely manner. That is service at its best.

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“The fact that weddings, proms, and black tie events are almost always happy, exciting occasions, and to be a part of it and work alongside it, makes this one of the best jobs around!”

Finally, one of the biggest myths of local tuxedo shops is their inability to work with out of town clients. This is false. Just because they reside in Nashville does not limit their talent to dress your men to the nines. Street Tuxedo offers complimentary measurements for out-of-town weddings. How this works is groomsmen can call in his measurements and have the tuxedo ready for him to go as soon as he pulls up his car. There is no need to stuff a tuxedo in an overhead compartment or stick it in the trunk of the car. Street Tuxedo takes that stress off of your hands.

Another great aspect of a local store is free groom try ons. Just because a catalog sits on the coffee table does not mean your tuxedo needs to be ordered piece by piece from page six. You can try on different aspects to see what feels the best for you.

Street Tuxedo may be more “boutique” than “warehouse” but their prices don’t reflect that at all. This isn’t just a family business, it is a tradition they work hard at maintaining.

When you walk down the aisle in that tuxedo, feeling the best you have ever felt, that’s Street Tuxedo’s favorite part.

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For more information on Street Tuxedo, check out their vendor page! They offer $40 off each groomsmen + free groom rental. See their store for more details!)

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