Checking it Twice

After you slip that new ring on your finger, one of your first tasks in wedding planning is creating the guest list. What may at first seemed like an easy task, you are probably now surrounded by cousins you have never heard of and family friends you don’t even remember meeting and all of a sudden that easy task becomes hard. Really hard. As the average price of weddings continues to rise (according to statistics, the average cost of a wedding is $30,000!) there is no extra wiggle room for that Aunt Martha twice removed from your dad’s side. That is why we are here to help our Nashville and Miami brides narrow down the decision and perhaps relieve you of some of those outlying guests.

First of all, you are probably going to have friends or family who have young kids. It is not rude to ask them to leave the kids at home, in fact, it will add an extra dose of sophistication to have the kids absent allowing for an adult celebration. This way you are not having to worry about a “kid’s menu” or having to keep little ones entertained while still trying to squeeze in all of the wedding-day traditions. Therefore, I recommend leaving the little ones off the guest list, stating so politely on your invitations. Remember, this is your wedding and whatever you want is what you should get. If you do feel really badly about not inviting the little ones, a great alternative is hiring a babysitter to watch over all of them during the reception. You can have a separate area mapped out for the kids to play in that includes fun activities like games, art, or even movies. That way, you can still have an elegant event but not feel so guilty about asking friends and family to leave their kids at home.

What I believe is a no-brainer in terms of who not to invite are any exes. If you have kept up friendships with exes, that is wonderful, but it does not mean they should be on your guest list. Imagine the awkwardness that has the potential to ensue if one has too much to drink and gets too touchy? Or even worse, what if they decide to object? Yikes!! You never can predict what might happen so its best to enjoy your future and not your past.

Finally, as mentioned before, it is your wedding and therefore, any family members who can’t even tell you what sport you played in high school or family friends your parents insist on inviting, you really can think about not including them. Now I know things get tricky if your family is paying for the wedding because then they do have a say. However, take a moment to sit down and talk with them about the budgeting of the wedding and how you could add more to your current event with the guest list you want rather than subtract something based on the guest list they want. Your parents should understand where you are coming from and support you in your decisions, but it is good to talk about it first.

Your guests are what make up the celebration atmosphere at your wedding and are a great group to share in your love for each other. You don’t want to have to be walking around all night talking to people you don’t even want to talk to but instead chatting with your closest friends, dancing with your incredible family, and falling more in love with your now husband or wife. That is what a wedding is all about.

timkathleen1Also, how gorgeous are these invites from our featured couple Kathleen and Tim ?


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