Color Trend 2014: Neutrals

One of the first decisions you  make in planning a wedding is what color, or colors, are you going to use. The color you choose pops up in everything from your invitations, to your flowers, to your wedding party, to your cake. Whichever color you decide to use, be prepared for it to be everywhere. That all of a sudden makes this choice seem a little more scary doesn’t it? That’s why we are here to help! And one of the biggest trends for weddings in 2014 is actually a lack of color per say. Walking away from the turquoise, fuscia, and emerald and into a world of neutrals.

Now sometimes, the word “neutral” brings us back to the days of unflattering khakis and cloudy days. But in 2014, neutrals are getting a makeover. And a glamourous one at that. Neutrals are a great way to keep your entire wedding design together without overwhelming you and allow for subtle pops of any color where you see fit. It keeps everything elegant, classy, and just down right gorgeous. For 2014, we are seeing three neutrals that are really changing the color game.


One of the biggest wedding trends of 2014 is the use of metallic, and I just cannot get enough of gold. Gold screams royalty and glamour and can take any sort of barnyard affair or beach-time event to a whole other level of sophistication. Done in a classic way, gold can really add to the overall feel of your wedding. I love the idea of gold table runners on simple linen tablecloths or having sparkling gold table numbers leading each guest to their seat. The best part about gold is you need not go overboard; simple details added here and there increase the glamour in an instant. I love the idea of pairing gold with a refreshing mint green.



Tablescape: source; Place Setting: source






Now before you roll your eyes at me for even suggesting brown, hear me out. Another huge trend for weddings in 2014 is the “woodland” style wedding- focusing in on nature and it’s gorgeous surroundings. Now envision having an all-natural wedding using brown, green, and ivory? Now whether you are in Middle Tennessee using the gorgeous pines or in South Florida crafting palm trees together- it is really your choice. I love the idea of wood or burlap being used to create your wedding day decor. Also using multiple shades of brown (dark chocolate, tan, beige) is a great way to bring your wedding together, but not have color overwhelm you. There are some gorgeous color pairing options with this like I mentioned before- how could you resist a rich brown with a radiant emerald!? Answer: you can’t ! || Left Table: source; Right Table: source



Last but certainly not least is gray. Although usually associated with dreary days and old movies, this year gray has gotten an upgrade. Many brides are choosing gray for their bridesmaids and many grooms are selecting gray for their “I Do” attire because it just breathes a sense of easiness. Gray has a laid-back attitude than many of today’s brides and grooms are flocking to. I love the idea of using gray instead of white as your basis for design and pulling in a color (my personal favorite, a pale yellow) to add to its calming effect. The combination is anything but gloomy!



Bridesmaids: source; Bridal Party: source

In a midst of brights it can sometimes be difficult in selecting a color for your wedding but hopefully these three trendy neutrals can help you get started! Remember- it all comes down to you and what you want your wedding to represent. Cheers to being colorful!

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