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There are various ways to personalize your wedding but one of my favorites is through the use of the “Signature Drink”. By offering your guests a cocktail designed or created by you and your groom to represent you as a couple is a fabulous and creative way to share in your special day. Whether you do one signature drink, one for each of you, or a whole array to go with the theme- let your creativity flourish!

The first step in coming up with a Signature Drink is to decide on how many you want to have. A lot of times the venue or caterer will need to know if you are having a Signature Drink because it will play a role in the pricing of your event. To help aid in that decision process, think about how you want to use the Signature Drink as a way to tell your love story. Will one drink represent you as a couple? Will you have a “bride” and “groom” cocktail? Or perhaps you have a theme, or something like a theme, to your wedding and you could have multiple drinks represent it?


Once you have figured out how many Signature Drinks you want to feature, it is time to create them. Lets say you choose to have just one cocktail. I love the idea of having one that in some way connects to your love story. For example, lets say you met studying abroad in Ireland. How fun would it be to have classic Irish Coffees floating around so guests can feel like they were there when you met? Or maybe when you got proposed, something was served that night that you will never forget- like a margarita. When choosing one signature drink, I love the idea of tying it in with your personal love story as a couple. It is a great way to make guests feel like they are a part of that story.


Now if you decided to do a “bride” and “groom” signature cocktail, my favorite way to create these is through your personalities or backgrounds. For example, if the bride has a bubbly personality (and everyone knows it!) it would be a great way to incorporate a champagne or Prosecco cocktail. Now lets say the groom has a laid-back personality, you could get creative and invent a cocktail using beer. There are many different combinations of drinks you and your groom could come up with to incorporate your personalities. As mentioned earlier, you could also have signature drinks that represent each individual background. Depending on where each of you grew up, you could have a drink that represents where you are from. If the bride is from the south you could do a Sweet Tea cocktail, and if the Groom is from New York, a Manhattan. There are many different routes you could take in designing a “bride” and “groom” cocktail, and do not let your creativity hold you back!


Now the last suggestion for a Signature Drink goes hand in hand with the decision of having a “theme” at your wedding. If you decide to have a theme, a Signature Drink is a cute and creative way to tie it in to your nuptials. If you chose a “Rustic Chic” (one of the biggest trends in weddings) style wedding you could serve different Bourbon drinks in Mason Jars. Or if you have a lot of family and friends flying down for your Miami nuptials, serving delicious fruity cocktails (maybe even in coconuts!) might be your signature. Again, there are a handful of different drinks you could serve depending on the style and feel of your wedding.


Creating a Signature Drink or Drinks is a fun and creative way to show your personality as a couple and a creative way to add that personal touch to your wedding day details; and of course, they do not need to involve alcohol at all! Cater this idea to your personal wedding. Make sure that when deciding what to serve that you consider your guests. You want to create something that entices them to take a sip; there is nothing worse than drinks being passed around without being touched. So if you decide to choose just one signature drink, make sure it is a universal crowd pleaser. If you have different options, you can be a little more creative with it.

No matter what you choose, raise a glass and cheers to your big day!

Tracy2Photo: Transier Photography


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