To Look or Not to Look

As wedding trends continue to move and shift through the years, one very popular tradition has become the “first look”. In other words, having the bride and groom spend a private moment together with their photographer before the wedding day chaos begins. It is a moment to just bask in the fact you will be married in just a few short hours. Now, traditionally, the first look is done when the bride walks down the aisle and her groom sees her for the first time-which can be just as sweet and powerful as a more modern first look. Either way, the first look is definitely a wedding-day detail you want to think about. From working in weddings myself, I have seen many different versions of the “first look” and there is no wrong way to go about doing it! So here are a few ways you can share in that “first look”.


One route to take would be to fully participate in a “first look” with your bride or groom before the ceremony. I have seen photographers do really cute things with this approach with having the bride sneak up on the groom or vice versa. That moment when your eyes lock together is something a photographer (and anyone!) loves to capture. With this approach, you can take few private moments with each other to really enjoy the moment you are about to walk into. It is the last few moments of being engaged, walking into what will be a relationship for the rest of your life. By taking this time before the ceremony with each other, you open the opportunity to take family photos and socialize after the ceremony with your guests. This moment before is about you and your husband/wife and then the party can begin as soon as you say “I Do!” The first look is a great opportunity to remind each other that at the end of the day, all that matters is you are getting hitched!

Robert Bullock Wedding Gown "Amy"


Photo: Levon Photography

Another fun approach to the first look is to share in that private moment before hand, but not actually lay eyes on each other. I have seen brides and grooms do this in various ways. For instance, you could be behind a wall and exchange notes or gifts with each other without actually seeing each other; you are sharing in that special moment, but saving the moment where you see each other for the ceremony. I have also seen couples tie a blindfold on the groom so that he doesn’t see his bride (some think that is bad luck!) before the ceremony, but they can talk and share in a moment before the vows are said. You can find another way to share in this “first look” moment before the ceremony without seeing each other too.


Of course, tradition can be a beautiful thing and there is nothing like watching a groom see his bride for the first time coming down the aisle. That is such a beautiful moment-whether you snuck a peek before hand or not!


Photo: Rodrigo Varela Photography

Whichever way you choose to spend that special moment with your groom- it all comes down to the fact that you are about to exchange vows and say “I Do!” and at the end of the day, that is all that really matters!

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