New Products at Liberty Party Rental

Liberty Party Rental is one of the premier rental companies in Tennessee! Over the past few years, they have gone above and beyond to provide the most extensive inventory of up-and-coming items for clients in the Southeast. With a warehouse location in Hendersonville and a design studio centrally located in Green Hills, they are easy to reach and great to meet with in person to design your one-of-a-kind event or reception.

Liberty Party Rental has recently unrolled several new products to its line of rentals available for parties, weddings, and more! See some of the goodies below:

Bar stools are a popular new item popping up in weddings and special events across the country. Liberty Party Rental offers gorgeous new options of bar stools in gunmetal and antique walnut, as well as an aluminum option with arms and a back.

bar stools

Cross-back chairs are trending for ceremonies and reception layouts, lending a complementary look to the ultra-popular farm tables and slightly more rustic style of events. Liberty has acquired 1200 total of the Tuscan Bentwood Cross-back Chairs for their stock, so no need to worry about running out for your popular wedding date!

cross-backs in action

Custom carpeting and flooring has been a mainstay for the best-of-the-best wedding and event designers for years. Liberty Party Rental has some gorgeous options for custom floors — seen below are the Seagrass Carpeting and Wood Flooring, used simultaneously for dramatic impact and transition between areas!

wood and seagrass

These are just a few of the most recent acquisitions to Liberty’s expansive stock, so check in with them to see more awesome rental inventory for your next special event’s needs!

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