The Photobooth

The Photo Booth is a new hot ticket item for weddings this year. The photo booth adds a fun extra for guests to participate in at the reception. The photo it produces serves as a personal favor for each guest.  There are two popular photo booths. The first is a traditional boxed in booth where small groups of people squeeze in and take multiple pictures. These images are then compiled and then are printed out on a stylized strip for the guest to take home.

If a bride would like to be more creative with her photo booth, she can install a backdrop of her choice with props and accessories to fit the look of her wedding. The pictures can either be taken by a photographer or manually with a remote that connects to the camera. This type of photo booth generally allows for more people to crowd into the photo. A photographer that provides this service will generally either snap the pictures with a Polaroid so that the guests can take the images directly or the photographer will take the pictures digitally at the beginning of the reception and have them printed by the time the guests leave.


image: via Pinterest

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